Detailed rules

The decathlon is a speedrunning contest where participants learn 10 speedruns from April 21 to October 28, 2018, and enter tournaments (on this page), restreamed in French on the Ultime Décathlon Twitch Channel and in English on the Speedgaming Twitch Channel for the chance to qualify for the Ultimate Final, the last tournament of UD6.


Learn 10 speedruns one by one, as the games are announced. Each game has specific rules which can be found on the Resources Page. Register your speedruns and submit your PBs as you complete them. You must register in advance for tournaments. Information on how to stream can be found on the Resources Page. Qualification for the Grand Final will take place during the 3 summer tournaments, or during the Last Chance Tournament.

Important dates to remember:

  • From April 21 to June 30: One game per week
  • July 14: July Tournament Playoffs
  • August 11: August Tournament Playoffs
  • September 8: September Tournament Playoffs


The games will be unveiled one by one, every Saturday starting on April 21. 2 games will be announced at the same time on May 12 and June 9. The games on the list vary in genre and duration, as in previous seasons. Each game follows a specific set of rules that can be found on the Resources Page. Be aware that each game follows a specific category, so the rules can vary greatly from one game to another.

  1. Game 1 : Announcement on April 21
  2. Game 2 : Announcement on April 28
  3. Game 3 : Announcement on May 5
  4. Game 4 : Announcement on May 12
  5. Game 5 : Announcement on May 12
  6. Game 6 : Announcement on May 26
  7. Game 7 : Announcement on June 2
  8. Game 8 : Announcement on June 9
  9. Game 9 : Announcement on June 9
  10. Game 10 : Announcement on June 23


The Ultime Décathlon is open to everyone and is free of charge. When you exceed 100 points in a game, your runs must be recorded (with OBS, for example) locally or on Twitch, and if possible uploaded to YouTube. The free tools to do so and the instructions on how to use them will be posted on the website. The players and organizers are also there to help you! For tournaments, it is necessary to be able to stream. When you complete a run, simply submit it to this website. Your time will then be validated by a moderator, and your score will appear on the championship.

Speedruns must be done on the proper versions of the games, following the specific rules of each category.

Scoring system

UD6 is based on a points system made to reflect the level of players on the complete collection of games:

Each game has a maximum time above which the speedrun will score no points at all. (We encourage you to submit these times on the website anyway!).

Between 1 and 100 points, the points follow a logarithmic rule. Therefore, you need to save more time to go from 1 to 2 points than to go from 99 to 100 points.

Above 100, each point corresponds to a gain of 3, 6 or 9 seconds depending on whether the world record at the start of the season is short, intermediate or long. 200 points is used as an easy to remember rounded value, chosen so that the world record at the start of UD is generally between 210 and 220 points.

There is no point limit, meaning that if a WR is achieved, a player could theoretically get any score. No re-calibration will be done, even though there will certainly be possible score disparities, with games where all players could exceed 200 points and others where it is unthinkable for most to exceed 180 points, for example. This has no impact on rankings and tournament results.

About emulators

All UD games are played on PC for cost and accessibility reasons. If you have the original console (and the correct version of the game) and you have the ability to capture your gameplay, you can play on the original console.

For emulators, it is mandatory to only use those explicitly allowed in the detailed rules for each games.

It is forbidden to use a turbo controller and to make macros. The key binding must follow one simple rule: one key per action, one action per key. Example: The A button on the NES controller must correspond to a single button on your controller, and this button on your controller must not be associated with any other button on the NES controller.

Communication between players and the organization team

Information is transmitted through this site. There is also an open Mumble server that all participants are encouraged to join. UD is essentially based on its community, so do not hesitate to ask questions, interact on Discord, Mumble, or Twitch chats! The visibility of the event is mainly done via twitch, so don't hesitate to stream your progress either!

That said, please get any information you might need on the site first. Most questions can be answered by visiting the Resources Page. One of the most important things is the schedule of the UD, with detailed weekly streams and tournaments that are planned.

Submit a personal best (PB)

For PBs achieved during grinding sessions (meaning: personal training for speedrunning), as soon as you get a new PB (made between the announcement of the game at launch and October 28, 2018 at the end of the Ultimate Final), submit it on the site so that the ranking remains up to date. Submissions are validated by the organizers.

For the PBs achieved during races (made during an official tournament): PBs will be submitted automatically, and will be entered in a 2nd part of the ranking. If this time is better than the PB done during training, both times will be updated simultaneously. Note: Community or fun tournaments do not count in this ranking.

In short : Submit your PB on all games until the end of UD!


You're free to practice all ten games in any way you like. Feel free to talk about your strategy ideas, what you've learn, or anything you've discovered to other runners. The important thing is to learn games together and be part of a speedrunning community. Feel free to organize your own races, to motivate people to run with you, to make tutorials or coach people on the games you know! Search the Resources Page to find tutorials and explanations, and ask your questions.


UD follows 3 phases:

  • From April 21 to June 30, the games list will be unveiled one by one. Every Saturday at 5pm CEST / 11am EDT a 2 hours tournament on the game of the week will be organized. Every Sunday at 5 pm CEST a community blind race will be organized and on every Thursday evening at 9 pm CEST a 2nd community race.
  • During the months of July, August and September, 3 tournaments of 3 qualifying rounds will be organized. The playoffs will be opened to everyone. The final will be composed of the top 4 players of the semi-final, and the winners of previous tournaments. If a player announces in advance that he/she will not be able to participate in the semi-finals or the final, the first player eliminated will be entered again. The 2 best finalists will qualify directly to the Grand Final. For those eliminated and those who prefer this alternative, official non-competitive tournaments will be held at the same time, called Black Star Tournaments, which are less restrictive.
  • The final phases will take place during the month of October: The weekend of October 6 and 7 the Last Chance Tournament will be held, where the last 2 places for the Grand Final will be at stake. The Grand Final will take place on the weekend of October 13 and 14. The 4 best will qualify for the Ultimate Final, which will take place on October 27 and 28 in Fougères, France.

Tournament details will be available on the Resources Page. Runners must be registered prior to the start of tournaments in order to participate. It is impossible to add a late player once a tournament has started. The restreams of the official tournaments will go through the server of UD, you will find the details on how to stream to it on the Resources Page, to be able to be shown during the restream.

Community races will work the same way, but restreams will be a direct capture of your twitch stream, so just stream on your own channel.

Stars will be given for the following tournaments results:

  • Gold stars for the qualified at the Grand Final.
  • Silver stars for the finalists of one of the summer tournaments.
  • Bronze stars for the semi-finalists of one of the summer tournaments.
  • Paper stars for a top 16 in the first round of one of the summer tournaments.
  • Black stars will be given upon the first participation in a black star tournament.
These are non-cumulative, and it is not possible to earn the same star several times.

Some runners will be restreamed on the Ultime Décathlon Twitch Channel. For this reason it is requested to runners to stream their run to the dedicated server of UD during the official tournaments whenever possible.

The Ultimate Final will see the four Grand Final winners compete against each other and will take place after 4 direct qualification tournaments! Finalists will be invited on location, with their costs covered according to a maximum budget that depends on the success of the tipeee (fundraising campaign for the Ultimate Final).

Previous UD Seasons

Season 2 ; Season 3Season 4 ; Season 5

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UD T-shirt

UD T-shirt

Score calculator

Score calculator

Code of conduct

Code of conduct:

We want our community to be as respectful as possible, so that viewers can watch our streams and our participants be integrated into the community, without feeling disturbed or shocked by the behavior or vocabulary used. In the work environment as on the Internet, certain behaviors or words convey certain relationships of domination (reflecting a factually unequal society) or are in themselves discriminatory. The Ultime Décathlon should not be "like elsewhere", but "better than elsewhere", and for that reason we invite you to become aware of a certain number of problems and to make efforts to overcome them. We also know that many members of the community are already sensitive to these issues.

Concerning behaviors, we have nothing to complain about at the moment. However, we prefer to take the lead by specifying that every participants are expected to maintain a friendly environment and to be respectful of others and their differences. We cannot forbid taunt or trash talk but we would like to remind you that it has to happen with the acceptance of those concerned: make sure that others accept the way you approach them. To keep the overall atmosphere pleasant for everyone, it is better to encourage and support each other rather than to denigrate others. The Ultime Décathlon must remain an event of conviviality and surpassing oneself. Even if the competition has an important place in the event, it must remain strictly within a playful environment, where cheating and harsh rivalry have no place.

Regarding vocabulary, we noticed the use of oppressive and violent terms. We focus on oppressive language, not oppressive people. It is not because you are not disturbed by your own remarks that others are not: sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, validism, psychophobia, rape culture... Discriminating remarks must stay in the private sphere and have no place whatsoever on Mumble, Discord, nor on the Ultime Décathlon stream or chat. We encourage you to apply the same rules to your streams.

We hope to be heard and understood and we thank you for your efforts to maintain a pleasant and respectful environment. For those who do not follow this Code, measures/sanctions will be taken and may go as far as the definitive exclusion of the Ultime Décathlon. If you have any problems with any of the participants, or if you have any comments about the Code of Conduct, please contact the team.

Download OBS Studio

Download OBS Studio

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"Ultime Décathlon" Season 6 Team

  • CdV : Original idea, Organization, French Commentary, Site Design & Production
  • Twyn : Original idea, Organization, English Commentary, Administration & Community Management
  • Khushas : French Commentary
  • Mithical9 : English Commentary
  • Prospère : Live director, Graphics & Streaming techniques
  • Le Chamoutte : Video editing, Direction
  • Daws : Graphics
  • Indigestes : Administration & Community Management
  • Vandalnabilo : Administration & Communication
  • Anxest : Web Design
  • CrokNoks : Web development
  • Djodjino : Web development (Lead)
  • Gnuk : Web development
  • Zoph : Web development, streaming layouts


Game moderators :


Acknowledgments :

  • Hurubas : Game icons
  • RealMyop : Guest, occasional help
  • Harest : First website creation (and website beta tester)


Website translation :

  • Moox : English translation
  • ZP : English translation
  • ALTinsider : Help and proofreading
  • Lenamek : Website labels translation


Website beta testers :

  • Cladall 
  • Elgerine 
  • FrapZC 
  • Khushas 
  • Moonrim 
  • MtkWeber 
  • NarutoSeb 
  • Roni 
  • Ryuka 
  • Sablyeah 
  • Virus_f 
  • Xorven 
  • Yumike 
  • Zigouigoui


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Official tourneys



All tournaments will start at 5:00 pm CEST/ 11:00 am EDT

Saturday, April 28th : Game #1 tournament

Saturday, May 5th : Game #2 tournament

Saturday, May 12th : Game #3 tournament

Saturday, May 26th : Game #4 & #5 tournament

Saturday, June 2nd : Game #6 tournament

Saturday, June 9th : Game #7 tournament

Saturday, June 23rd : Game #8 & #9 tournament

Saturday, June 30th : Game #10 tournament



Saturday, July 14th : Playoffs OR black star tournament

Saturday, July 21st : Semi-Finals OR black star tournament

Saturday, July 28th : Finals 1st day OR black star tournament

Sunday, July 29th : Finals 2nd day



Saturday, August 11th : Playoffs OR black star tournament

Saturday, August 18th : Semi-Finals OR black star tournament

Saturday, August 25th : Finals 1st day OR black star tournament

Sunday, August 26th : Finals 2nd day



Saturday, September 8th : Playoffs OR black star tournament

Saturday, September 15th : Semi-Finals OR black star tournament

Saturday, September 22nd : Finals 1st day OR black star tournament

Sunday, September 23rd : Finals 2nd day



Saturday, October 6th : Last chance tournament day 1

Sunday, October 7th : Last chance tournament day 2

Saturday, October 13th : Grand Final day 1

Sunday, October 14th : Grand Final day 2



October the 27th and 28th, Live at Fougères 35300 FRANCE

Ultimate Final Tipeee

Ultimate Final Tipeee

Utilisation du site [FR]

Seront ici présentées quelques features du site non explicitées.

  1. Historique des PBs
  • Afin de visualiser l'historique des PBs d'un joueur vous pouvez, une fois dans l'onglet Championnat, cliquer sur le nom d'un runner et ainsi avoir accès à tous les PBs qu'il a soumis accompagnés de leur date de soumission et de la vidéo associée.


Voici une vidéo complémentaire expliquant le fonctionnement du site et de sa gestion des tournois.