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Le Décathlon est un challenge de speedrun, en saison régulière ou en intersaison le but est de faire du speedrun, a tous niveaux. Dans cette intersaison, rien à gagner, pas d'ultime finale, pas de tournois éliminatoires, l'objectif est simplement de re-découvrir (ou découvrir) des jeux qui ont plus aux runners !

Respectez les règles des jeux, soumettez des PB faits depuis l'annonce du jeu, de préférence avec une vidéo.

UD T-shirt

UD T-shirt

Score calculator

Score calculator

Code of conduct

Code of conduct:

We want our community to be as respectful as possible, so that viewers can watch our streams and our participants be integrated into the community, without feeling disturbed or shocked by the behavior or vocabulary used. In the work environment as on the Internet, certain behaviors or words convey certain relationships of domination (reflecting a factually unequal society) or are in themselves discriminatory. The Ultime Décathlon should not be "like elsewhere", but "better than elsewhere", and for that reason we invite you to become aware of a certain number of problems and to make efforts to overcome them. We also know that many members of the community are already sensitive to these issues.

Concerning behaviors, we have nothing to complain about at the moment. However, we prefer to take the lead by specifying that every participants are expected to maintain a friendly environment and to be respectful of others and their differences. We cannot forbid taunt or trash talk but we would like to remind you that it has to happen with the acceptance of those concerned: make sure that others accept the way you approach them. To keep the overall atmosphere pleasant for everyone, it is better to encourage and support each other rather than to denigrate others. The Ultime Décathlon must remain an event of conviviality and surpassing oneself. Even if the competition has an important place in the event, it must remain strictly within a playful environment, where cheating and harsh rivalry have no place.

Regarding vocabulary, we noticed the use of oppressive and violent terms. We focus on oppressive language, not oppressive people. It is not because you are not disturbed by your own remarks that others are not: sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, validism, psychophobia, rape culture... Discriminating remarks must stay in the private sphere and have no place whatsoever on Mumble, Discord, nor on the Ultime Décathlon stream or chat. We encourage you to apply the same rules to your streams.

We hope to be heard and understood and we thank you for your efforts to maintain a pleasant and respectful environment. For those who do not follow this Code, measures/sanctions will be taken and may go as far as the definitive exclusion of the Ultime Décathlon. If you have any problems with any of the participants, or if you have any comments about the Code of Conduct, please contact the team.

Download OBS Studio

Download OBS Studio

Ultimate Final Tipeee

Ultimate Final Tipeee

Utilisation du site [FR]

Seront ici présentées quelques features du site non explicitées.

  1. Historique des PBs
  • Afin de visualiser l'historique des PBs d'un joueur vous pouvez, une fois dans l'onglet Championnat, cliquer sur le nom d'un runner et ainsi avoir accès à tous les PBs qu'il a soumis accompagnés de leur date de soumission et de la vidéo associée.


Voici une vidéo complémentaire expliquant le fonctionnement du site et de sa gestion des tournois.

Choix des joueurs - Challonge


  • Scoring scheme : Normal (Completion + Speedrun). Max time. : 02:00:00, calibrated time : 01:00:00.
    Speedrun : 200 points, completion : 100 points.
  • Les joueurs décideront du jeu par un système de vote

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